Dance at home

Get Your Shag on with Larissa, Heiko, Eglė & Arnas

Virtual Shag Camp • August 8-9th
A virtual version of The Shag Camp which was postponed due to COVID-19. For dancers with confident Collegiate Shag experience and ambition to improve.

August 8th, Saturday (UTC+3 Vilnius time):
18:00-19:20 – Class #1: Shag Workout Footwork Drills (solo and partnered) with Heiko & Larissa
19:40-21:00 – Class #2: Body Match & Connection (partnered) with Arnas & Eglė

August 9th, Sunday (UTC+3 Vilnius time):
18:00-19:20 – Class #3: Footwork & Rhythm (solo and partnered) with Arnas & Eglė
19:40-21:00 – Class #4: Balboa Inspiration (partnered) with Heiko & Larissa

Make sure you check your timezone!

Price: €10 per class
We’ll be using Zoom to live-stream classes.
After that, Q&A and online hangout. Contact us for any questions.

Class #1Class #2Class #3Class #4