The Shag Camp #1 is happening on August 1-5th, 2021.
We know there’s also COVID-19 happening.
Read on to get your shag on.

We decided to give it a try and make Shag Camp happen this year, August 1-5th.
There are a lot of subtle IFS in this whole situation which we are aware of and want you to carefully read and think it through.


Lithuania is under official quarantine until the end of June, there are around 21% population fully vaccinated, 36% that received at least one vaccine dose and vaccination is now open to all age groups. Traveling restrictions are pretty much the same as in other EU countries – you might come to Lithuania freely if you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19, and if you haven’t – you have to take tests and self-isolate for 7-10 days (more official information about traveling to Lithuania is here).


Small social/cultural events up to 250 people and sports/dance classes up to 10 people are allowed to happen indoors already now, and we expect the restrictions to fall after the official quarantine. Restaurants/cafes/bars are slowly getting back to “normal” with the “opportunity pass” now and are expected to be fully open until the end of quarantine.


We believe that at some point we’ll have to start living our jazz life again in some sort of way. We understand that the vaccines are a privilege and not available for everybody equally or at the same time – but they are the only possible legal and safe way we can make this happen now. The Shag Camp is max 50 people event in total and we believe we can make it happen safely. The whole Shag Camp staff will be fully vaccinated by then.


We understand your will to dance and meet people might be stronger than your ability to fulfil the official requirements so please don’t fall into it and respect common sense and safety of others. If you can’t make it this time for any reason – we believe you will be able to make it another time.


The date is August 1-5th, 2021. The Shag Camp has only 40 spots for participants and is happening in the big countryside house near Vilnius. Transportation, accommodation, food and all activities are included in the price. More details about it – after June 15th. You should be ready in Vilnius on Sunday afternoon and plan your time until Thursday evening. Please check your flights and travel accordingly. 

Read more about the schedule, teachers and price HERE.


We’ll do our best and we’re hoping for the best, but we know this world is crazy, things might happen and Shag Camp might not happen.


If you have a partner – your partner needs to register as well. If you don’t have a partner – we cannot guarantee your spot but we’ll try. Registration is open until June 15th.