Shall We Shag Now, Or…?

Despite the connotations created by an American movie series “Austin Powers” and British slang term for sexual intercourse used by people who think the term “making love” is too innocent and “fuck” is too coarse, Shag is also a dance.

Shag Dance

Actually, many different dances which originated in the U.S. mostly in black communities in the early 20th century. This website is dedicated for Collegiate Shag & St. Louis Shag enthusiasts who are reviving Black American swing dances from 1930s.


XX a. Amerikos džiazo kontekste žodis Shag [šẽgas] reiškė tiesiog šokti. SHAGERIAI yra svingo šokių entuziastai, kultivuojantys Collegiate Shag ir St. Louis Shag, kurie kilę afroamerikiečių bendruomenėse ir buvę populiarūs 1930–1950-aisias.

Dancing brings meaning to everyday life

We travel the world dancing, learning and teaching swing dance. Since 2020 we dance online from home and so travel even further.

Online Collegiate Shag Classes

Regular online classes and extensively growing library of our Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag dance video lessons to get your shag on.

Latest #SHAGERIAI Videos

#SHAGERIAI literally means "those who dance shag" in Lithuanian. We are Collegiate Shag & St. Louis Shag enthusiasts reviving Black American swing dances from 1930s.

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