Collection of Our Favorite Vintage Shag Clips

Dance scenes from old movies and contests. Mostly Collegiate Shag, a bit of Big Apple, Balboa, Tap and other Swing. More on our YouTube playlists.
Also, see an overview by Ryan Martin & Patrick Kierkegaard of vintage clips that contain Collegiate Shag dancing.
And if you missed it, here’s everything you need to get on with the Shag.

1937 – Phony Boy
1937 – Arthur Murray – How To Shag
1938 – Venice Beach – Connie Wiedell, Barbara Plum
1939 – Blondie Meets The Boss
1942 – Verna Middleton & George Washington (starting at 01:57)

1937 – Dates and Nuts
1937 – The Big Apple with the Arthur Murray Shag Dancers
1938/1940? – Hal & Honey Abbott (Woody Herman and His Orchestra)
1939 – Toy and Wing