Arnas and Eglė

Unfortunately is not a great word to start a description but we canceled The Shag Camp #1 with the hope and wish to make The Shag Camp 2.0 happen sometime in 2022. But the original idea and format are transforming into alternative solution – an intense week-long training workshop with Arnas & Eglė at their new studio in Vilnius. Yes, let’s get your shag on for real!

When: August 1-6th, 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
12 hours of classes + 6 hours of practice sessions + personal feedback + social dancing, hangout and whatever new friends do
For dancers with confident Collegiate Shag experience and ambition to improve
Limited: to 20 people
200 EUR per person

So what’s the plan?

1) You check the COVID-19 travel possibilities to Lithuania HERE and book your flights to Vilnius
2) You book your accommodation anywhere around Vilnius centre and our What a Jazz dance studio (Google maps)
3) You come to Vilnius on Sunday (August 1st) and we have an evening hangout to get-to-know-each-other
4) On Monday we start hardcore get-your-shag-on training which lasts four days and the schedule looks more or less like this:

10:30-11:00 – Coffee
11:00-12:30 – Dance Class
12:30-14:00 – Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 – Dance Class
15:30-16:15 – Snack Break
16:15-17:45 – Practice/Training Session
17:45-20:00 – Free Time/Rest/Dinner
20:00-22:00 – Social Dance/Hangout

5) You take care of your own food, we take care of your snacks, coffee and maybe some other beverages (cheers)
6) We show you around Vilnius (not only our studio) and take you to some of our favourite places (social dancing is included in this one too with a grand finale on Thursday evening)
7) You leave Vilnius on Friday, or you stay for a well deserved weekend rest, or take advantage of our studio and us, if you wanted more
8) Let’s get our shag on!!

You’ll get an auto-reply email regarding payment details after registering – check your inbox and spam folder just in case, and contact us if you think you didn’t receive it or have any questions.


If you have a partner – your partner needs to register as well. If you don’t have a partner – we cannot guarantee your spot but we’ll try.

    Get your shag on