Dance at home

Online Collegiate Shag Workshops

Connect real time, do it with or without partner
Even though we’ve been stuck at home due to pandemic, we try to take the most of it and don’t stop dancing. We admit we need to schedule time to practice, create and stay in shape – without this commitment we probably wouldn’t be dancing much. That’s why we organize our Online Shag Workshops every two weeks – to dance and socialize with you all.
Dance at home

What a Shag Patreon

Take your time, choose what you want to work on
From regular local classes to international masterclasses, we’ve been traveling the world dancing, learning and teaching swing dance. You can find a collection of our various and different level class recaps on our Patreon page, also solo exercises, special monthly content and personal feedback on your dancing.
Dance at home

Private Classes & Coaching

Reserve your time, decide what personal attention you want

Online Collegiate Shag Classes

If you are interested in more than just a feedback and you’re ready to dedicate some of your scheduled time for private class and coaching session, contact us personally about the options and availability.
Online Collegiate Shag Classes
Live-streamed classes on Zoom
Creative choreographies
Mind-melting exercises