• Collegiate Shag Roots

    Collegiate Shag Roots

    This is just a short quote from a Bobby White’s article about The 1937 Harvest Moon Ball which includes some thorough insights on Collegiate Shag roots and history. See the original version on his blog SWUNGOVER. We are sharing it here with Bobby’s personal permission so it would be more accessible to wider audience. To support Bobby White’s insights and research on jazz dance history, please consider a suggested donation of 6$ to read a full article. THE 1937 HARVEST MOON BALL – THE “NEW” KID Most of this article will focus on the Lindy Hop of the 1937 Harvest Moon Ball. However, we want to first discuss something important that happened in this year’s ball. In that announcement mentioned above, a new dance appeared in the listing of the divisions: “Collegiate Shag.”

  • The Collegiate Shag History

    The Collegiate Shag History

    This article about Collegiate Shag History was written around 2009 by dancer historian Peter Loggins. See the original version on his blog the Jassdancer. We are sharing it here with Peter’s personal permission so it would be more accessible to wider audience. For more insights and American dance history research, check his Twobarbreak page and Twobarbreak’s Dance History Group on Facebook. THE COLLEGIATE SHAG HISTORY What is this dance all the kids are doing today called Collegiate Shag? Where did it come from and what is it’s history? The truth is the history is very spotty, very little documentation and to make things worse the term “Shag” has come to mean many unrelated dances just like the term Jitterbug.

  • Inspiring Vintage Shag Clips

    Inspiring Vintage Shag Clips

    Our favorite vintage Shag clips. Dance scenes from old movies and contests. Mostly Collegiate Shag, a bit of Big Apple, Balboa, Tap and other Swing. Also, see an overview by Ryan Martin & Patrick Kierkegaard of vintage clips that contain Collegiate Shag dancing. And if you missed it, here’s everything you need to get on with the Shag. (see links in the post)