Eglė Nemickaitė & Arnas Razgūnas

Egle Nemickaite is a swing dancer from Vilnius, Lithuania where she is dancing, performing, teaching and inspiring the community at What a Jazz dance studio everyday. Dance followed Egle through all her life, but she found the real passion for Lindy Hop and later on for Collegiate Shag too. Dance has always felt like a big liberation for Egle. Liberation from routines, thoughts, work, limits. Dancing makes her feel true to herself, music and partner. It gives her the power of total freedom and also a peace to the mind, body and heart. Her rich teaching experience is being increasingly appreciated at the international workshops as well. She shares her enormous passion towards a dance with great joy and commitment.

Arnas Razgūnas is a devoted swing dancer and teacher, a social dancer to the core, an explorer who often gets lost to surprise himself and discover things he didn’t think he could do. A true jazz enthusiast inspired mostly by energetic effortless swinging music Arnas is actively seeking for deep understanding of what’s swing in music and dance. Rich experience in teaching every day local classes grants quality and fun with clear explanation of his material by expressing music and yourself in it. Arnas is a co-founder of What a Jazz Dance Studio in Vilnius and co-organizer of the one and only Balboa & Shag festival in Lithuania – Swing Paradise.

Upcoming workshops:

Shag in the Middle 2020 – Madrid, Spain (Canceled duo to COVID-19 pandemic)
Prague Spring Swing Festival 2020 – Prague, Czechia (Canceled duo to COVID-19 pandemic)
Swing Paradise 2020 – Vilnius, Lithuania (Canceled duo to COVID-19 pandemic)
The Royal Swing Fest – 5th Edition – Collegno, Italy (Canceled duo to COVID-19 pandemic)
Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival 2020 – Warsaw, Poland
Plenty Hot 2020 – Dresden, Germany
SwingKultur Festival 2020 – 15th Anniversary – Stuttgart, Germany
Glasgow Shag Festival 2020 – 5th Edition – Glasgow, UK
Swing Splash – Merano Balboa & Shag Weekend – Merano, Italy
Herräng Dance Camp – Week 5 – Herräng, Sweden
The Shag Camp #1 – Vilnius, Lithuania
Swing on the Beach 2020 – The italian “Swing Craze” Festival – Pescara, Italy

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