On With The Shag: Essential Resources About The Shag Dance

On with the Shag

Essential and inspiring articles, documentaries, dance videos, playlists and social media about the history and culture of Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag and Swing dancing in general. On with the Shag!

The History of Collegiate Shag by Peter Loggins (2009)
The Rebirth of Shag by Ryan Martin (2014)
Home of the forgotten jitterbug dance by Morgan Day
List of Vintage Collegiate Shag Film Clips by Ryan Martin & Patrick Kierkegaard
The 1937 Harvest Moon Ball and the Shag Roots by Bobby White
The 1938 Harvest Moon Ball and The Collegiate Split by Bobby White
Before Shag They Danced Finale Hop, Flea Hop, and the St. Louis Hop Toddle by Christian Frommelt