Julie Roman is a Phoenix-based artist. As a classically trained concert pianist/vocalist (with a career as a certified music educator and private vocal coach), she is passionate about pursuing excellence and spreading a love for the arts. 

She enjoys collaborating with vintage swing dancers from around the world to compete, teach, choreograph, and perform. While she studies and competes with as many Jazz dances as she can, Julie is madly in love with Collegiate Shag (and flying aerials). She has made finals, placed in, or won contests at Shag events such as the Warsaw Shag Festival, the Barcelona Shag Festival, Camp Hollywood, Shag and Drag, the LA Shag Festival, and Hot Rhythm Holiday. 

Julie is also the artistic director for and a founding member of the Phoenix Swing Project (an arts coop dedicated to growing and enriching the swing dance experiences available to people in Phoenix through collaborations and team training). The program is especially focused on creating contest teams, advocating for junior swing dance opportunities, and mentoring young dancers as they start competing and social dancing. 

Julie has performed with or directed several Phoenix-based teams including the Rain and Shine Shufflers (Balboa), The Phoenix Bomb Squad (Lindy Hop), The Phoenix Fleahoppers (Shag), The Phoenix Firecrackers (junior Lindy Hop), the Salty Dogs (Solo Jazz), and the Gypsy Jitterbugs (Solo Jazz).

Jeremy & Julie – One Minute Showcase – Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival 2019
Camp Hollywood 2019: Open Team – Phoenix Bomb Squad

Julie Roman
Julie Roman
Julie Roman 2
Julie Roman & Jeremy Lizardo at Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival

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