Online Shag Workshop

June 6-7th | Collegiate Shag with Eglė & Arnas

For dancers with confident Collegiate Shag experience and ambition to improve. This workshop is designed for solo and partner dancing.

Classes on Saturday and Sunday start 12:00 UTC+3 Vilnius time (Barcelona 11:00, Singapore 17:00, Melbourne 19:00, check your timezone).

Saturday: Exercises (1h 20min)

Things we do at home to get ideas and improve our dancing. For example, exercises to improve rhythm, balance and body awareness.

Sunday: Choreography (1h 20min)

Most likely 32-bars (16×8) routine to a great tune. In other words, we’ll challenge your creativity and give you some moves.

Price: €5-10 per class

We’ll be using Zoom to live-stream classes. After that, Q&A and online hangout. Contact us for any questions.


What to expect from shag workshop?! You definitely don’t need a partner!